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Thread: Looking for crop duster flight references

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    Question Looking for crop duster flight references


    I heard about crop dusters typically fly oval flight path. Thatís quite interesting to me. Iíd like to read more about its flight path planning method and how it adapts to different shapes of farmland. Iím also quite interested in the flight actions the drop dusters typically take including the wingover. I tried to google introductions and detailed descriptions on the crop dustersí flight. But maybe since I didnít grab the right keywords to online search for, I didnít find a lot of knowledge on it.

    Could anyone let me know how and where could I find some references on crop dusters flight?
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    Re: Looking for crop duster flight references

    Probably talking directly from a crop duster? I doubt there is a textbook for it. Also, while the end results are the same (product at effective concentrations on the target surfaces) you are developing an unmanned system which has different advantages (precision flight) and limitations (need to provide all navigational information and input) than conventional manned aircraft. I would not try to build a "robot crop duster", but find a way that does it more effectively.

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    Re: Looking for crop duster flight references

    Is this unmanned crop duster a school project or a commercial venture or what? Just curious.

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