Guys, settle down.... this is my fault for being so vocal and enthusiastic about the O-100. My postings and my enthusiasm for the O-100 is not anything bad about the VW's, half VW's or any other engine directly. Blame me, not anyone else.

Full disclosure: Pete is a good friend of mine, I have known him over 30 years, and I think he's a hero for aviation.

Please everyone understand that the O-100 is a "60 HP class" engine. The big "half VW" engines are in the 40 or 45 HP class I believe. The "full VW" engines are in the 60-80HP class.

Furthermore, I am informed that the Casler and Hummel engines are good, high quality engines. Same with the AeroVee.

The point of this post is that ALL of these engines have a place in homebuilt aviation. The point of my previous post(s) is that Pete is putting in a truly heroic effort, and what he is doing is nothing short of amazing.