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Thread: Deleting posts

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    Re: Deleting posts

    Quote Originally Posted by autoreply View Post
    Thanks for the comments JJ.
    Oh sure..

    Just some short remarks:

    That's what we've been doing all along. (And that's why in my last post I could so easily check what exactly was deleted in the last 25 posts ). Except for spam or double posts, all deleted ones are still visible to all the mods.
    Didn't know. Don't mod here.

    Indeed. Fortunately enough, more and more members use them, for which we're grateful

    I don't see any problems there. If members cross the line against a mod, other mods take care of it. We rarely, if ever, mod against content, it's almost always due to a lack of content or due to personal sniping, or downright offensive behavior.
    ... which as we all know is subjective and mostly based on perception. Having mods as normal part of the forum is a fine line, as they become part of the community. Its harder to wear a hard hat after being all buddies with someone than it is if the mod is rather neutral. Ask me, I get slapped like a Taiwanese Love Doll for having my own opinion on matters at times. Haha...

    We always send a PM, unless it's obvious (double post). Rarely if ever, members are corrected "from the moderating side" in public.
    My point was more in reference to telling people to get lost. Leaving members (especially if they were active and helpful for a while) always leave a mark, if not today, then tomorrow.
    Dunno who said it, its impossible to read body language into what we write. I think this forum has done extremely well and it provides the right mix between hobbyists and professionals.

    If we keep in mind that we're all in the same boat (and the boat is taking water as it is from government intervention, rules and regulations, citizen-groups against us) its easy to conclude the we're part of a shrinking family. Look out for each other, nobody else will do it for us... That was really all I meant to say.

    Cheerio & Butternut...
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    Re: Deleting posts

    MODERATOR NOTE: I've moved the discussion of Rutan-style composite structures to its own thread in the "Composites" section, since it has traveled well away from the original topic here. That thread can be found at:
    "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." - Henry David Thoreau

    Design Project: Conceptual Design of an "Inexpensive" Single-Seat Motorglider
    Discussion Thread for the Project: Discussion: Conceptual Design of an "Inexpensive" Single-Seat Motorglider

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    Re: Deleting posts

    This forum’s quite a tool, isn’t it? At our fingertips we can access fairly easily topics almost anything dealing with aircraft & find perhaps several threads of discussion, that may be a real benefit to ourselves. It wasn’t always this way.

    I’ve messed around a long time, with the intent of building a plane. But, haven’t gotten very far. I’m embarrassed to say that if I had been able to follow through, on what appealed to me then, with what was on the market back then, and followed some of the published advice back then .. I could have wasted a lot of money, or possibly worse. Some of what I’m referring to has since died a death of natural business causes. Some of the advice that I purchased, from that time, is still sitting on my bookshelf. There’s some things that I may still consider helpful, in this literature yet .. but, I’m certainly not buying their every word, anymore.

    This forum has helped me arrive at a better understanding of what to do, and what not to do.

    I think it’s good to remember that we are just guests, here. Yes, we advanced from being a “guest” to a
    “member”, by joining this forum, but in practice, we are still guests, in somebody else’s house. To beat one’s chest in front of the owner, (if that’s what happened) or his representatives, is counterproductive. Maybe they have some point to make, (or not) .. but, either way, it takes energy to deal with this type of action, energy that could be used for other things. And it can be disheartening, to work with.

    I’m not an engineer. I work for engineers, though. The people that we assist, sometimes take out their frustrations on running into an engineering roadblock, that we are approached on, or that we warn them of, .. like, we are the offense. In the end, .. it doesn’t change anything. The goal is to succeed, even if that means that I have to alter what I’d like to see happen, doesn’t make the grade.

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    Re: Deleting posts

    Quote Originally Posted by autoreply View Post
    .......... all deleted ones are still visible to all the mods.....................
    Like Bruce's initial point gutting all your comments out of a thread does make it disjointed and less useful to all the board members. If someone does this, is there any reason that the mods can't repost these deleted posts for the benefit all members. Ben did have a lot of good practical advise in the threads that he deleted.

    Like many here, I have noticed the increasing number of personal attacks on the boards and could name the members that are most Guilty of it as most members could. I would never do this however as it is disrespectful and would only serves to intensify their rhetoric. I think that the mods here do an excellent job which is why this forum is such a great community. All the "I told you so" and such like comments serve no purpose but to stroke the egos of those that post them. Lets grow up people, these sorts of tit for tat comments should have been left in the kindergarten playground.

    Just my 2 cents worth
    My avatar is a Thurston TA16 Seafire, not sure who built it, but if my project ends up as nice as this , I'll be wrapped.

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    Re: Deleting posts

    Quote Originally Posted by craig saxon View Post
    If someone does this, is there any reason that the mods can't repost these deleted posts for the benefit all members.
    Unfortunately that's not the case. While a "soft trash" can be reversed, edits (which is the only thing a user can do) generally can not.

    If you're looking for a specific post, the way-back-machine might help, but that's a fix, not a solution.
    Kennis vermenigvuldig je door het te delen.
    (You multiply knowledge by dividing it)

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    Re: Deleting posts

    Well, it seems this thread has calmed down some so I think I'll take this opportunity to say a few words and then close the thread.

    First off, I want to thank everyone concerned for thier input. I don't agree with the way some of it was delivered but I think that speaks to the sensitivity of the matter at hand. Regardless, it takes time and effort to give feedback and I appreciate it.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the moderators for thier time and energy. Some of the newer members might not know that I am an active duty military member who is constantly either deployed or training for future deployments. It's the moderators who have stood in the gap and made difficult calls without always having my input, other than the written code of conduct. Moderating can be a thankless job on a good day and on a bad day, well, just re-read this thread and several others and you will get the idea. Are they perfect? No. But I will say moderating a Forum as large as HBA is is a very difficult task full of judgement calls and catch 22 situations where no matter what action you take someone is going to be bent out of shape. So wether we always agree with thier decisions or not, they should still be commended for the hard work they do. Thanks guys.

    I was sad to see STOL go. HBA was created for men like him and I in no way wish to drive folks like him away. I looked at the situation and the deleted posts and came to the conclusion that the moderators were justified in removing them. Unfortunately Ben couldn't live with that and decided to leave, taking his posts with him. It's too bad. However, I do believe that having a code of conduct and holding everyone accountable to it is the only way to give HBA hope of remaining viable in the long run. Even if it makes for some painful events such as this.

    If there is a perception that the staff and I are not holding ourselves accountable to the code of conduct to the same degree as other members, shame on us. Whether true or not, perception is reality. We will double our efforts to remain impartial and softer in our discourse (although not in enforcing the Code of Conduct). If we can't find a way to do that, we'll step down and just be a valued member instead.

    As a final point, I'd like to ask for your help. This forum has the potential to be great only to the extent that all of us are willing to pull together. We have to pull together with the common goal of promoting the construction of amateur built aircraft while maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect and friendship. If your public posts are not promoting those principles than you are moving HBA in the wrong direction and I implore you to either redouble your efforts to keep it positive, or step back and reassess your involvement here.

    I think I've gone on enough. If you have any questions or would like to vent but can't because I've closed this thread, feel free to contact me directly by PM or the "Contact Us" link. I'll leave you with a few forum "truisms" that might be of help. Thanks guys.


    - No one can see you smile through your computer. You have to smile with your words instead.

    - What you see as your "direct", "blunt", or "witty" post will almost always be seen as "arrogant", "combative", or "sarcastic" by 80% of those who read it. You have to go the extra mile to make your intent know.

    - The fastest way to lose respect in a forum setting is to lose your cool and become emotional. It may feel rituous but to everyone else it seems childish.

    - The problem with arguing with a fool is that onlookers may not be able to tell who is who.

    - A beautifully crafted 500 hundred word post full of facts and untold wisdom will still be removed if even just one sentence violates the code of conduct.

    - Have a thick skin but assume those you are writing to don't.

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