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Thread: HBA hit hard, but bouncing back

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    Re: HBA hit hard, but bouncing back

    Maybe one way to fight the hackers who try to overload websites is to put out the name of the target so that users can throw more business their way... add to their business since the hackers were trying to put them out of business... at least that might work until businesses figure out what's going on and hack their own sites to paint themselves as a victim.

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    Re: HBA hit hard, but bouncing back

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    Re: HBA hit hard, but bouncing back

    What the admin described is someone using a probably known "exploit" of the vbulletin software, webserver software, or OS running on their virtual hosting account, to launch a DOS (Denial of Service) attack against some other webserver software running on another vhost account running a website he had personal vendetta against.

    Hacker is a very, very broad general term that simply means someone who likes to figure things out, create new things, and do it in code (thought not a requisite - you can hack anything - even airplanes... the "Phoenix" in Flight of the Phoenix was a total kludge hack). I would call a lot of the more clever homebuilt builders who improvise things, engineering hackers. And it would be a compliment.

    I would call this guy more of a spoliter, someone into exploits. He probably has no interest in HBA beyond that it runs vbulletin which he found an exploit for, so he can run a DOS attack from a command line.

    A DOS attack is nothing more than a program that repeatedly and without end asks a server for information, so much so no legitimate request from a regular user can get through. Kind of like a noisy imposter baby bird demandIng food every single second and then summarily throwing what he gets off the side of the nest, so the mama bird never hears the occasional requests from the other baby birds and they starve.

    Calling him a "hacker" is like calling someone who crashed an airplane into your house a "human". A more accurate term would be "pilot". Yes you are sort of right to call him human, but it implies all humans are pilots which would be incorrect. Even "pilot" while more correct is not spot on, as that would imply pilots crash planes into houses. Maybe "incompetent pilot" or "intoxicated pilot" or "incapacitated pilot" would be getting closer the the mark depending on the scenario. Unless he turned out to be just some yahoo yokel who jumped into a plane and turned the key. Then you wouldn't call them any kind of pilot... at all.

    I myself write lots of code and do a lot of hacking (or use to... not so much any more), and the bulk of it is for the good of humanity. On a few very super rare occasions though I have had to research exploits and launch DOS attacks in retaliation for some scriptkiddie douchebag "out there" that was not only ruining my favorite game for me and my players, but also for every other game server and their players. This douche had got a hold of an exploit that jammed up every other game server but his with fake players trying connect, so the only game server left working was his. For 6 months we pulled out our hair trying to figure out what it was until I took it upon myself to research it in depth using packet capture software and diving into the denzines where these jerks hung out.

    Once I figured out what he was doing, I came up with a way to protect my server, I wrote instructions how to do it, and sent it out to all the server admins how to protect their server from these DOS attacks... even to the ones that talked trash about me (which I got a lot of because of my gender and ran a popular server). My annoyance with this rogue guy was so great it was a moral imperative, he was a common enemy to the entire game and ruining it for everyone.

    I then took the primitive exploit he was using and wrote some of my own elite code to make it 10x more effective and ran it against his server to send him a clear message someone out there had busted him and could retaliate in kind. Brutally. Speak softly but carry a big stick.

    It got the message across. While I am a hacker and can technically do this with research, it's never been something I've been attracted to. I'd be clueless at DEFCON. Kind of like most homebuilders, if pressed into it because of extinguent circumstances, a homebuilder could probably design a crude interrupter gear to fire a machine gun through the propellor of their homebuilt plane they built. But its certainly not something they are attracted to or would do every day.

    You can occasionally use exploits for good... if only as in my case it was only to give him a taste of his very same poison and to make him back the @#$% off and let us all play our game in peace... let the best game server win on its own merits.

    This guy caused us a lot of hell anonymously for a very long time and I didn't feel the least bit bad about getting back at him if only for a few days. Thats all it took to let him know someone out there could do the same back to him now and to pkay fair, and I had better things to do.

    Hope my colorful explanation and story adds some light onto things rather than obfuscate them more.
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    Re: HBA hit hard, but bouncing back

    Choppergirl: NSA, Line 1...

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    Re: HBA hit hard, but bouncing back

    My interrupter design uses a microcontroller.
    And provides variable firing speeds.
    Hardly crude!

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