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Thread: 72Hp. McCullough engine parts....on Ebay

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    Thumbs up 72Hp. McCullough engine parts....on Ebay

    72Hp. McCullough engine parts collection....

    Now available on Ebay:

    Some of the parts are brand NEW, many are used and serviceable, and yet others I just can't tell how serviceable they are.
    I acquired these for a Bensen Gyro project I was planning on rebuilding (see auction #260635556810) but have decided that since I currently own (3) Gyro projects that I need to lighten my work load and would like to find a good home for them with an interested "builder".

    I'm guessing that at least (2) complete engines can be cobbled together from these parts.
    Since there is really only one source left selling these kind of parts (R & D in Texas) this will be a welcome little collection for those involved in rebuilding these engines.

    Some of the items included are:

    3) engine cases
    3) cranks
    9) Jugs (3 rib for 72Hp)
    1) complete set of (4) NEW 3 ringed pistons
    3) Magneto's
    ...Cylinder Gaskets and much, much more.

    You can view many additional DETAILED photos in a slide show format online here:
    Press the GREEN slide show button to start (...it loads slowly...give it a moment).

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 72Hp. McCullough engine parts....on Ebay-amba0141.gif   72Hp. McCullough engine parts....on Ebay-amba0149.gif   72Hp. McCullough engine parts....on Ebay-amba0138.gif  

    72Hp. McCullough engine parts....on Ebay-amba0150.gif  

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    Re: 72Hp. McCullough engine parts....on Ebay


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