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Thread: Low-time Continental A-65 for sale

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    Low-time Continental A-65 for sale

    Good evening all,

    We have a Continental A-65 for sale if any might be interested. We bought it for our Pietenpol project, but we are now selling it in order to purchase a flying Piet. Here is the info on the engine:

    We purchased it from a couple in Florida last year; they had removed it from their Cub to install a larger engine. The engine has logs back to day one (6-11-46), with 1505TT, and 709SMOH (majored in '57). It was removed from the J-3 in 2002. It looks like part of the reason for it's low time is that the Cub it was attached to was damaged in a storm in '69, and didn't get rebuilt until '93. Other than that the logs are pretty uneventful. The engine is complete, except for the carb and magneto harnesses. Apparently they swapped those items out on to the replacement engine. Here is a pic:


    That's how it sits right now, in the shipping crate and ready to go. The mags are in the box in the image, they are Bendix mags, and I have no reason to doubt that they work; they worked fine when the engine was removed from the airplane. We are asking $3,000 for it, which is exactly the amount we paid for it.
    If you might be interested in either please email me and we can discuss further. Have a good evening!


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    Re: Low-time Continental A-65 for sale

    Hi Ryan That is a very good deal for someone, I wish I could buy it but the cash God's have been a little stingy this year. If I might suggest take the dissicator plugs out and empty the silica on to a baking pan and bake on very low heat till it turns blue again then reassemble and reinstall. Pink indicates they have absorbed water.
    We the unwilling led by the unqualified have been doing the impossible now for so long with so little we now feel it's possible to do anything with nothing.


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