I have this airplane listed on Barnstormers for $46,000. You can reach me at fmzimmermann@charter.net or my cell 817-475-8745. This airplane belongs to my friend that I'm teaching to fly. He has a newly restored 7AC due out of the shop any day now and needs to free up some space. I have put about 25 hrs on it and it handles really well with the O-200 and will easily indicate 85, which is a bit fast for this airframe. It is a hoot to jump off the ground at slow speed. I'll admit that it is a bit rough around the edges and could use a bit of sprucing up however it is a solid airplane just reinsured and in good flying condition. I have a friend who said that it looks like some kind of farm implement. You can see it here: http://s141.photobucket.com/albums/r55/castusfumus/Zenith CH-750/