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Thread: steen skybolt

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    steen skybolt

    hi all. I had already posted a couple of posts, then noticed a 'new member intro' forum...so..

    I am John Nunn from Jarrell, texas (British ex-patriot). A PPL student, and i am going to build a steen skybolt. For those not familiar with the skybolt, it is an aerobatic biplane. While being very similar to the Pitts plane in looks and capabilities, it is much larger, making it also adept for cross country.

    Why is a low time PPL student wanting to build such a plane you may ask...

    My logic is that this thing is going to take me something like 4 years to build (fingers crossed it doesnt end up in the For Sale columns under 70% completed projects), and of course bye then, I'd have long passed the checkride, and should have 200 hours plus under my belt. I only intend to ever build one plane, so why not build something from the ground up (not kit based) that i can say "I built it". Why aerobatic? Well, I have a fair amount of skydives, so i love the adrenalin rush, this plane has the versatility for the occasional basic aerobatic manoevre to satisfy my urges if required.

    I am now an IT Manager, but for 20 years i was a cabinet maker, therefore, the wings 'should' be no problem for me, being wood construction. However, the fuselage is made of steel tube - and i have never welded before, so that's gonna be a challenge.
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    Great to have you here John. The Skybolt, to me, is one of the most sexy homebuilts out there. Good luck with the project and your flight lessons. Just keep at them both!


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    Re: steen skybolt

    Hi John, I am also interested in building a Sky-Bolt and am quite new to the forum. I am an experienced pilot and a decent aerobatic fella and seem top be waffling between the Pitts and the Bolt. I also did the cabinet and woodworking thing, so as to say
    I have a lot of skills in the woodworking department but not as good in the welding, having grown up on a farm I am confident that the welding skills I do have can translate on the step up. Out of interest my family is English/Irish with my mother from Hornchurch Essex, I live in the upper Midwest and would love to stay in contact from the beginning with someone else who is venturing into the same ring...My Keen interest though is opting for the Russian M-14p radial engine model...this is all a work in progress and I am looking forward to the years ahead and trading know how, skills and technical info.

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