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Aircraft owner.... Mooney, Retired Design Engineer.... Autocad, I made drawings. Manufacturer of PropPastie and Control Rod Rigger. To those who have sent me files and data, and have answered my questions. Thank you very much.

Don B PE (Manufacturing) A&P
Current / Future projects:
Convert Carbon Dragon to Aluminum.My goal is to have an Aluminum Structure Powered Carbon Dragon. Convert the wood structure to Aluminum and steel with Fabric aft wing and fuselage skin. I would like to add a 3W-200 giant model engine. The original Carbon Dragon is 320# gross micro-lift glider.
Past Projects:
Too numerous to list. I was more successful with certified aircraft than homebuilt aircraft. Built Flew and Crashed a MMI. Homebuilding is much more difficult.
My Aviation Interests:
airplanes, currently interested in design of same.
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