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Thread: Thatcher CX-5.........

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    Thatcher CX-5.........

    If anyone is curious, there is a drawing of Dave Thatcher's tandem seat design forthe new CX-5.....I can't wait to see this one built. It it works out, this will definitely be the homebuilt I will choose.....

    Thatcher CX4 & CX5 Builder Community News

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    Re: Thatcher CX-5.........

    The Thatcher CX5 has received its final painting. The update is here:Thatcher CX4 & CX5 Builder Community News

    Looks awesome!

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    Re: Thatcher CX-5.........

    For those of you who don't follow the CX4/5 threads on the illustrious Yahoo Groups, here is what was recently reported by Dave Thatcher's partner and test pilot Glen Bradley:

    The day dawned bright and cool, but the cool in the 40s was destined to move to the mid 60s by mid day. Dave and I met at ChikFilA as usual and headed out for the 1 hour plus drive to Jack Edwards Airport to begin the process of putting the CX5 together. We were hoping we had all the various screws, nuts, wrenches and what ever that we needed to assemble the plane. I was hoping we would at least get it assemble in time to run some high speed taxi tests before flying but wasn't at all sure how long it would all take.

    We put the wings on first....didn't take long. The big bolts are easy ....Then hooked up the gas lines, fuel tank drains, ailerons, put the aileron balance weights back on and, of course, the wing gap strips. Then to the tail feathers>> same deal. Four bolts for the stab, elevator pins through the hinges, etc etc. Then the wheel pants and various panels and trim. We got most of it done by noon and headed to lunch after having 4 gallons per tank put in so we could see if any leaks appeared during lunch. We ate gourmet>>> McDonalds- FAST food. Dave mentioned how we would have plenty of time to fly it some today. Wow, I was 100% ready to hear it put quite so casually but knew he was right.
    Heading back to the airport the wind picked up a little...about 8 knots and a few gusts out of the West, but not too bad. Beautiful blue sky.
    No leaks so 5 more gallons per tank- no need to top them off. A few more panels and it was done. Checked the tanks for water etc and it was time to FLY.
    I had told Dave I planned on doing an land-back or two and then take off if all was well. I planned on flying off runway heading about 30 degrees once climb was established so as to make a turn back to the runway easier if one was needed- after I had sufficient altitude. If a problem occurred while I still had sufficient runway ahead (but now off center) the two turns required to get back on runway centerline would help me lose altitude. I try to stack the cards in my favor in situations like that.
    So....crank her up, checked controls free, tuned Unicom, set 1200 in the transponder, taxi and announce that I would be in an Experimental airplane, first flight, and would be taking off down the runway 27 and landing back, NOT departing. It was a long 7000 feet to the end....a few little gusts but no problem. Did the mag checks (4) on the roll and checked all gauges green. As I neared the end of the taxiway the traffic taking off turned crosswind so I WAS GO.
    I didn't even slow down at the end but announced again and rolled some throttle in as I turned onto the runway. Smooth, slow power up to full power-- no significant extra rudder needed (or if it was I am used to it from the CX4). At 45 I take the weight off the nosewheel, acceleration was FAST....soon I was at 55 and levitating rapidly. The plane lifted off in a flatter attitude than the CX4 does and climbs like mad. I soon was 30 feet in the air and accelerating so I eased back on the throttle and eased down to about 2 feet and let the speed bleed off. Chirp, chirp, at about 45 or 50. I wasn't looking at the gauges until after touchdown. Let the nose ease itself down at about 40 or so and taxied off the runway.
    I was soon at the end again and traffic was clear so I announced...."First flight, Experimental aircraft 14GB, departing runway 27 Jack Edwards, will stay in the pattern."

    Second time same as the first--- ease nose up a smidge at 50 or so and hold it. Soon I was at 65 and off and running.
    Got my planned 80 (for first flight only) almost immediately and noticed I had to push a smidge forward to maintain so I pushed trim about half way forward and all was trimmed for 80. Turned my 30 degrees L an by now I was at 500 feet and climbing at well over 800 fpm....even at 80. Climbed to 800 feet before I knew it , my decision point for going on around the field, and flew back toward centerline about the time the end of the runway passed beneath me 1000 feet below. A nice 25 degree bank to begin a 180 to downwind and level off at about 110mph. I was going to let the speed build and fly around the field but noticed I didn't have any fuel pressure even with both pumps running (one mechanical, one electric) so I figured it must be the sending unit or gauge but decided not to bank on that during a first flight. Oil temp 180. All other gauges green. The engine ran GREAT!! The plane flew great.

    So I called in that I was on downwind for landing. I kept it a little high on base as I retarded the throttle to idle.
    As I turned final I was a bit high so I tried a quick slip and it felt just like I was in the CX4. I kept 80 over the numbers, 70 down to 20 feet and then gradually slowed her down as I got to about 2 feet. I then just kept coming back and back to see when she would settle in. About 45-50 she settled and I let her. Stick was not full back but was close enough For the first flight. After all- a LOT was going on. New plane, new airport, new radios, new everything. The landing was quite smooth. I was surprised and very pleased with the landing.
    Let her slow down and turned off mid-field.

    Dr. Glen Bradley Pensacola FL

    The thread is: Yahoo Groups

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    Re: Thatcher CX-5.........

    Another good looking bird – I’ve lurked on their site for a few years and corresponded with Dave some years ago on the CX4… I ended up going a different way because the CX5 was far off at the time, but he sure does turn out proper looking airplanes… good deal
    -- Larry * USA *
    The virtual world happens when my project is collecting dust...

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