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Thread: Raven Redrives Geo/Suzuki conversions

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    Raven Redrives Geo/Suzuki conversions

    I have had my eye on the Raven Redrives Geo/Suzuki conversions for many years, but you don't seem to hear much about them. As I am most interested in smaller, lighter aircraft usually designed to take a VW conversion, their Geo/Suzuki conversions are very interesting. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with the company or their products? Thanks, Matthew
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    Re: Raven Redrives Geo/Suzuki conversions

    Matthew, after 17 years now of successfully converting the Geo/Suzuki Engines for aircraft, we don't advertise much anymore as we have as much sales as we can keep up with just by word of mouth. We do hit Sun n' Fun, Oshkosh, and Copperstate EAA airshows with our free educational seminars. Geo/ Suzuki is about 30 lbs. lighter and with its redrive has more thrust than a stock 1834cc VW - 330 lbs. vs. 270 lbs. static thrust

    This site ( which to me is cutting edge on most other topics) has only a small amount of traffic on alternative auto engine conversions. There is more info on Geo conversions on the two Yahoo Groups.

    Jeron Smith
    Raven ReDrives Inc.

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