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Thread: Dyke Stingray

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    Dyke Stingray

    I was browsing some of the old posts on deltas/flying wings and found this photo that deskpilot had attached in one thread of the Dyke Stingray. Does anyone have more information about the plane or more photos of it? It's a neat looking little plane.


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    Re: Dyke Stingray

    If I am correct this really was Lowell Borchers Delta Stingray. Look for it in Sport Aviation from the 1980's.

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    Re: Dyke Stingray

    Clearly one of John Dyke's Delta designs, Wikipedia says this, "The Delta Stingray was a one-off development effort by Dyke utilizing wood construction for the single-place airplane. It was flown for nearly 30 years before being retired to a museum."
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    Re: Dyke Stingray

    The Delta Stingray was a one-off development effort by Dyke

    Then Wikipedia got it wrong.

    Dyke was consulted on the Stingray but it was Borchers that designed and built it. December 1990 Kitplanes has an article and some more pics.

    Powered by an O-200
    Top speed reported as 208 - Cruise at 180
    700 fpm roc
    740 empty
    1075 gross
    All ply construction
    63000 symetrical airfoil
    2.2/1 aspect ratio - 100 ft sq area.

    Reported to be sensitive to density altitude and to develop a high sink rate, but no stall.
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    Re: Dyke Stingray

    I had a chat with Mr. Borchers, the owner and builder of the Delta Stingray about 2 years ago. I have always liked the delta concept and fancied putting a couple of jet engines on a Stingray type aircraft. He was very interesting to speak with and told me a bit about the aircraft (which as mentioned has been retired to his local museum where it is on display). He indicated that it was quite heavy, if I remember correctly around 750 lbs empty. The small horizontal stab was not installed to start with but was added when he found that he was running out of elevator (elevon) control and couldn't keep the nose up at slow speeds. He said it built up speed quickly in a descent.

    I would personally love to see someone redo this aircraft in lightweight form, possibly with a 100+hp Rotax maybe.



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    Re: Dyke Stingray

    When I was designing my EagleRay, I contacted John Dyke for info on the Stingray. He was not forthcoming with help other than to say he had indeed helped Mr. Borchers and that the plane was almost twice the weight it needed to be. He was adamant about not helping anyone else to 'modify' his design. Having said that, I recently saw a post from him where he inferred that he might do the very same thing himself. Apparently, the Stingray went into the museum when Mr. Borchers out grew the cockpit.
    Fly safe.

    Cheers, Doug

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