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Thread: 33-40 hp 4 stroke engine ?

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    Re: 33-40 hp 4 stroke engine ?

    It is available now a new 4 stroke, twin boxer, EFI, engine, 42HP at 6000 rpm, based in the strong citroen 2CV6. This kind of engines are used in Europe (look for PIK-26, ULF-2)

    Can be seen at SAVOIA CARS Autopartes - Autopartes y conjuntos nuevos para mecanica Citroen 2CV y 3CV



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    Re: 33-40 hp 4 stroke engine ?


    Twin boxer, 4 stroke, air cooling forced by fan, plus a separated oil cooler with thermostat.
    652 cc displacement, 9.5:1 compression
    Fuel injection and double ignition with 2 prog ECU. With altimetric mixture compensation.
    12V electric start and 10A PMG alternator
    Max Power: 42 HP (30 kw) at 6000 rpm
    Torque 55 Nm from 4000 to 5000 rpm
    95 octane gasoline consumption (min.):200 g/kw.h
    Pulley & belt gear with tensor, CCW turning, 2.043 2.65 - 3:1 relationship
    Total weight: 48-50 kg
    500 h TBO

    33-40 hp 4 stroke engine ?-motores_aero_foto_real_001.jpg33-40 hp 4 stroke engine ?-motores_aero_foto_real_002.jpg

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    Re: 33-40 hp 4 stroke engine ?

    Hmmm. 110 lbs and 1.76gph at 80% compared to 80 lbs and 3.5gph for a 2-stroke. Total weight the same with a 5 gallon tank for the 4-stroke vs a 10 gallon tank for the 2-stroke, and equal range. Seems to make sense on anything but an ultralight that's hard up against the 254# limit.

    I wonder what it costs?


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