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  1. Spar Carry Through Problem on Baby Great Lakes
  2. Fabric and finish weights
  3. Looking for a Good HVLP Setup for Shooting Dope
  4. Mohawk 1:1
  5. Where to buy aluminum tube end bungs ?
  6. Kolb Firestar II Project Log (and Discussion)
  7. Cheapest way into TIG
  8. Poly Fiber and Nitrate/Butyrate Materials Question
  9. Why don't we have an Electric Ultralight Area?
  10. Christavia Mk1V Windshield
  11. No, you can't just glue your fabric on...
  12. CAD Files of common Tube & Fabric parts used?
  14. Can anyone ID what type of plane this is,
  15. Just for Copper Glue
  16. Home made flying wires?
  17. Replacing internal drag wires with tubing
  18. What's stronger for the spar : two thin tubes or 1 thicker tube?
  19. 6061T6 vs 4130 pushrods on Challenger 2
  20. Mig welding an engine Mount
  21. W8 Tailwind tail
  22. Need to bump out fabric, any ideas?
  23. Anyone building a PA 18 Supercub here
  24. Torch Question
  25. Wood ribs and ply D-tube question
  26. Grinding 4130 tubing okay?
  27. Started covering here
  28. Pictures please.
  29. Best water based wood wing sealer
  30. Correct landing gear for Super Baby Great Lakes?
  31. What Tube style?
  32. Ahh, the impressive Slepcev Storch
  33. stick welding?
  34. Non-conventional Brake Ideas
  35. Pietenpol Springer Gear?
  36. A new old bird from Weller Flugzeugbau in Germany ;-)
  37. Sonerai spar pics?
  38. Rib stiching a slow aircraft
  39. Steel choice substitution for flying wires?
  40. Normalize welded clusters and temperature crayon
  41. Pterodactyl Ascender - Dimension Needed Please!
  42. Christavia Vertical Stabilizer Rib Material
  43. Building Wing Struts
  44. Sky Raider/Ridge Runner plans /kits??
  45. Tungsten
  46. Another outdoor storage
  47. Where to learn aviation gas welding?
  48. Dacron tightness
  49. Forward Spar question
  50. new guy, new project
  51. Highlander kit and Oratex
  52. Has anyone tried the Oxy-Acetylene Gun for Aluminium
  53. Ridge Runner 3 kit Wing Ribs Problem
  54. Yeild strength question
  55. Out Door storage
  56. Using glue for aluminium to suppliment rivets. Ever done it?
  57. Pacific Northwest Belite
  58. Any Warner Sportster Revolution or SpaceWalker builder around?
  59. Which type of fabric should I use?
  60. Sonerai II....LSA?
  61. Why not use UV protectant for dacron sails??
  62. Tig Setup you use
  63. airdrome airplanes E-III or Bleriot
  64. Wrong Landing Gear on my Super Baby Great Lakes?
  65. Obsolete steel specification
  66. Grumman F4F: Why fabric covered control surfaces?
  67. Fiberglass tape for wingtip leading edge sections
  68. critique my welds
  69. Info on poly fiber covering
  70. Source Bare RG60
  71. Wood firewall on a steel tube airplane
  72. National Torches - Regulators and Torch
  73. Tedlar.. can this be used in place of fabric?
  74. Drag wire buffer necessary?
  75. Washer critical?
  76. What is the Best Epoxy Glue to Glue 6061 Tubes?
  77. Who makes the best 6061 Tube Connectors for 1.0" to 3" Tube?
  78. TIG WELDING 6061?
  79. Baby Great Lakes Aileron Bearings
  80. Spring back in aluminum tubing
  81. Flying Wires
  82. Slop in wing fitting holes in spar
  83. Simple way to measure wing washout
  84. Welding Clusters
  85. How to secure compression tube "alignment buttons"
  86. Bonding Dacron to Aluminium
  87. Welding Progress - Starting Legal Eagle XL soon
  88. aluminum 7075 tube
  89. Aileron Bellcrank Bracket 4130 Sheet Thickness
  90. Bearhawk LSA Interview with Bob Barrows at Oshkosh
  91. Need Help bending t6
  92. Bearhawk LSA preformance numbers
  93. whats the best paint for aluminum spars
  94. Need help from Affordaplane builders
  95. Thinking of starting and ultralight build and looking for advice.
  96. Scratches in Aluminum Wing Brackets
  97. Paint bolts?
  98. Sticker shock!
  99. Gas Welding Technique
  100. Hole sizes in wing brackets
  101. Viking Cygnet Build- Tube Fuselage First
  102. Extruded angle vs. round tube: buckling comparison
  103. Cutting tube joints
  104. linseed oil
  105. Phantom X1 Controls
  106. How Is 4130 Steamline Tubing Made
  107. replacing steel tube with aluminum tube
  108. Video - The Building of a Classic, a Hatz Classic Aircraft that is.....
  109. Is 4130 the best idea for every part of a Fuselage?
  110. More on Tig/4130
  111. 4130 Tube Steel Alternatives?
  112. Widening wheel Track
  113. Pietenpol Tube Fuselage
  114. TIG Welding 4130
  115. Cleaning unused fabric?
  116. 4130 tube ...help!
  117. Another rib stitching question
  118. Ceconite 7600 / Blue River?
  119. rib lacing cord
  120. Fabric tension?
  121. CGS Hawk Classic Mods
  122. Broken rib stitching
  123. CGS Hawk Classic Documentation
  124. Looking to build an ultralight....
  125. welding: precautions against damage to the plane.
  126. Any Tips on fabric repair?
  127. SKYOTE
  128. Light surface rust problem.
  129. Brake it down and take it!
  130. Un-shrunk Dacron
  131. Side by side light Parasol?
  132. Avid Flyer cooling Cheeks
  133. Stuctural Steel
  134. Bending Steel Tubing to Small Radii
  135. 4130 wing spars?
  136. Cutting 4130 sheet on a Table Saw
  137. rod for Gas welding
  138. Gusset joint feasability
  139. Stainless gas welding
  140. tube and fabric low wing in plans
  141. Pre-Sewn fabric: How to install???
  142. Buying Fabric...
  143. Replaced winshield on my Homebuilt
  144. Aircraft Welding
  145. TIG Filler for 4130
  146. Stiffen a steel tube
  147. TIG or gas welding...
  148. How to prevent my torch from popping...
  149. Room Temperature for Welding
  150. food for thought.... Aerobatic Quicksilver?
  151. Priced raw mtrls lately?
  152. Cheaply building an ultralight
  153. Jig discussion?
  154. Help with aluminum channel
  155. how to test common aluminium tube strength
  156. RidgeRunner
  157. How about a Pober Junior Ace?
  158. Oratex Covering
  159. Low Wing Steel Truss
  160. Rans S-12 empty weight
  161. Ultralight Glider Covering Project
  162. Curved aluminum tubing analysis
  163. titanium push rods
  164. tube bending
  165. Precepter Pup
  166. kitfox vs highlander
  167. Aluminium tube wing construction
  168. weight of 4130?
  169. Who knows about turnbuckles?
  170. as dumb as this sounds I have a brake cable question
  171. 6061-T6 - 2.5" x .065" Aluminium Tube Joinery
  172. Alluminium Tube aircraft plane
  173. X-Air Std with a Rotax 582 Mod 90 Fuel Consumption
  174. Wing Bolt Torque
  175. Mildew on fabric, how to remove?
  176. How to draw a stell tube bending jig?
  177. TIG Welding 4130
  178. Leading edge tube spar
  179. Pietenpol with a 4130 fuselage & tail feathers?
  180. looking for plans
  181. Tubing attachment hardware
  182. smith miniplane info
  183. repairing elongated bolt holes in aluminum
  184. Why not Aluminum tubing instead of Steel?
  185. so i know not to but not why, plastic tarp material W/ ripstop backing
  186. Glueing Mylar Sheets? What Glue? (or other basic fabric suggestions)
  187. Pietenpol for the bush and tall pilot???
  188. Super Cub Project
  189. Changing wing from sails to pollyfiber?
  190. Fabric Rivets and Washers
  191. Simplest welded steel fuselage?
  192. Laying Welding tanks down for Transport?
  193. Zippy Sport
  194. Storing Tube and Fabric outdoors in CA desert?
  195. Purpose of fabric to metal joint
  196. PolyFiber Fabric Tape Bubbles!?!
  197. Heat tightening fabric (Polyfibre) - question
  198. D&E Parts and Soursing question
  199. Poly Tak and Super Seam
  200. Using Plastic Heatshrink instead of fabric?
  201. Question about appropriate welding rod to use
  202. A Newbie with a newbie question
  203. hole repair
  204. Do you shrink a rag wing before or after you stitch the ribs?
  205. Interesting pictures of Stol King crash
  206. Oracover
  207. Most common 4130 tube size in aircraft construction.
  208. TIG issues
  209. Preceptor Stol King
  210. Need Help Welding 4140 Matco Axles to 4130 Landing Gear Struts
  212. Covering systems - what are the main differences?
  213. Milholland Aircraft Designs
  214. Using hang glider wings
  215. Bolted/riveted tubular construction and low wings
  216. Diagrams are hard to figure out!!! Help
  217. Fabric covering on an aluminum wing question
  218. Truss Geometric Efficiency
  219. historical highwing plans?
  220. Murphy Renegade Spirit drawings
  221. Construction of Light Aircraft (1943)
  222. Which Type of Fabric Do You Recommend?
  223. What Works Best For Removing Paint?
  224. Your experience with pollyfiber medium?
  225. Wagabond, any builders with good or bad
  226. How to connect 2.50" tubes ?
  227. Feedback on Alu. Fuselage frame
  228. How much does it cost to PAINT a small airplane?
  229. How much does it cost to cover a small airplane?
  230. Bushmaster landing gear
  231. Bending Extrude L shape ribs re: Carlson Aircraft design ribs
  232. Zippy Sport
  233. Which Plans-Built High-Wing Aircraft Are Easiest for First-Time Builder to Construct?
  234. Sew Dacron?
  235. To Shelac? or not to Shelac? that is the question
  236. Another Frankenplane Concept
  237. Pietenpol and look a likes?
  238. DHC 2000 O/A Torch - Need Your Option
  239. How to verify the quality and accuracy of a Bearhawk welded fuselage
  240. Affordaplane plans call for 6063-T351 alum square tubing
  241. Thinking out loud
  242. Material Interpretation
  243. Detachable wing(square Al tube and fabric)
  244. Covering N numbers on fabric plane
  245. 1/2" Hole Saw/Annular Cutter For Notchers?
  246. How Do You Find The Angles Of A Tube Bent In Two Axis
  247. Notcher
  248. 6082 OD 130mm wall thickness 1.5mm 5 meter length tube
  249. Minimum tube diameter-practicality beats engineering
  250. Convenient welding tank size for 4130 tube structures