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  1. Tacky T-88: Time to panic??
  2. Oh, no! Another scarfing question!
  3. Scarf Joints: Do they have to be straight?
  4. Fir vs Birch plywood??
  5. Minimax 2 seats
  6. Dakota Hawk questions
  7. Oiled wood?
  8. Grain direction question
  9. Another Steam Bending Question
  10. How much t-88 epoxy?
  11. Wood Builders Dream Chance
  12. Cracked sparóis this a problem?
  13. Dakota hawk weight minus the engine?
  14. Best epoxy for laminating wood?
  15. Laminated Wood Gear: Cutting the Taper???
  16. When to use flox?
  17. Steve Scarbrough Moasi and Chindi
  18. flying wire brackets
  19. In Search of Sameness, Gang Sanding wood ribs.
  20. Is plywood required as a covering to ensure bonding and strength ?
  21. Plywood: Scarf Joints vs Shipping Cost
  22. Cutting geodetic strips
  23. Dakota Hawk or Super Koala? First build questions....
  24. Building a wooden spar
  25. Screws in a wood structure?
  26. CNC Ribs
  27. Help! Wooden Spar Repair
  28. Warped Spar
  29. Picking up where other left off & CP-328 Question.
  30. Another laminated wood gear idea
  31. Bonding wood coated with polyurethane
  32. Losta Aircraft Links All New
  33. Epoxy & More
  34. Gussets & More
  35. Jodel D18 Landing Gear
  36. Dormoy bathtub aileron control
  37. Wood sources in Europe roll call...
  38. Plans for a Fauvel AV-60?
  39. Wood Nose Gear
  40. Plywood and the Spacek SD1
  41. Fisher Flying Products for Sale
  42. Taper cut shear web for box spar
  43. Fabric Under or Over
  44. Where to buy some A/C Spruce?
  45. Simple build tricycle landing gear ultralight
  46. Pober Junior Ace Project
  47. Dormoy bathtub spar lay-out
  48. Jurca MJ-7 2/3 scale
  49. Bowed Rib Template Base
  50. Benoist coming up !
  51. Name of airplane
  52. Construction Sequence Question
  53. Tips: Inner Tube Clamps, non-slip feet, abrasive cleaner, vibration isolator
  54. Lightly Scoring Adhesive Surfaces to Improve Adhesion
  55. Wooden light-sport aircraft
  56. ribs and spar
  57. Trailing Edge - How Pointy?
  58. Surewood Spring Bolt Epoxy Two Part Kit (EBay)
  59. Ragwing RW 11
  60. Why not plywood ribs
  61. Import & Domestic 3mm plywood
  62. Metal Reinforcements for Wood Joint ie Gussets
  63. Refinish a Culver V
  64. Help with wood wing question
  65. Hypothetical Question: Trade off Longerons vs Plywood Thickness
  66. Easiest to build (from plans) wooden aircraft for two people
  67. Harris Wood's Windy-3 ????
  68. What is the best way to clean a varnished wood airplane project?
  69. Spar wood blanks
  70. Hickory Lamination Test
  71. Hollow wood members
  72. Tearing Apart wood wings... tips for getting those pesky nails out: American Eaglet
  73. To Steam Or Not To Steam, That Is The Question
  74. Modulus of Rupture
  75. T88 and Closed Grain Hardwoods
  76. T-88 vs EA 9410 for aluminum to woood
  77. Wood Moisture Meter - recommendation needed!
  78. Leading Edge Plywood - When to Join
  79. How do you get a straight edge??
  80. Varnish Removal - What to use?
  81. Holes for Fittings In Solid Wood Spars
  82. Twisting of laminated wood gear
  83. Barton Sylkie One
  84. Can I apply epoxy varnish over stits uv550 varnish?
  85. Alternative woods.
  86. Looking for ideas for a wooden biplane project
  87. Scarf Joint Questions
  88. Plywood (un)stresse skin
  89. stock plywood okume
  90. Dimantling ribs !
  91. Fisher celebrity biplane
  92. How tight?
  93. T88 and Epoxy based varnish
  94. Jury Strut failure on tail feathers
  95. Calling any WAR owners or builders.
  96. Metal spar & Wooden Ribs
  97. How is glued-on fabric removed from a wood structure??
  98. Evaluating Wood Condition
  99. how to grade wood
  100. Do I match drill my steel fittings into wood spars??
  101. question re cutting scarfs
  102. Converting Plans to metric
  103. Do I need a jointer?
  104. Elmwood Christavia MK4 Wing design: How strong are those wings??
  105. make wings
  106. Where to find Bleriot XI plans?
  107. wing root straps glued to spar?
  108. Where can I buy hinges?
  109. BALSA wood aircraft?
  110. 2 place wood aircraft with fast cruise speed
  111. Wood Screws in Critical Structures
  112. access holes in d-spar ply
  113. Dual Spar calculation for cantilever wings. (new-bee question)
  114. Pre-cover mods/additions
  115. Spruce or Fir supplier
  116. Inspecting rings...
  117. What should I do about the subfloor on my FFP-101?
  118. My Osprey-II build
  119. Substituting wing fabric with plywood
  120. I am still building
  121. plastic resin glue
  122. MInimax Builders
  123. Why butt joints and lap joints?
  124. Surface reactivation
  125. Geodetic Construction Question
  126. Priming and painting of steel fittings on wood aircraft....
  127. Designing Plywood Sandwich Panels
  128. A Couple of Plywood/Foam Sandwich Questions
  129. Aeromax style fuselages?
  130. Aircraft grade spruce
  131. Double Eagle
  132. Ragwing RW6 - finished weight
  133. My 1100R Minimax build
  134. Next project?
  135. All the glue joints on a wooden airplane. I had a joint break in flight..But.....
  136. Staples vs. nails
  137. Question: Glue joints and waterproofing
  138. dakota hawk
  139. laminations
  140. wood racing aircraft?
  141. Basic question on building a horizontal stabilizer
  142. Team Mini-Max
  143. The Heat is on. How does this effect glue joints on my bird setting in my hangar?
  144. Where can I buy Asso X kit?.
  145. Trailing Edge wood choice? "Dakota Hawk"
  146. Scaling up a Part 103 design to LSA?
  147. Choosing wood over aluminium worth it?
  148. BJ-1 DynaMite all wood sailplane design 1962-66
  149. When do I varnish my spruce?
  150. Timber Tourer - Spruce and Diesel
  151. Plywood choices
  152. fg substituting plywood
  153. metal prep
  154. favorite ply scarf method
  155. The crash that ended all wooden passenger plane business in USA.
  156. Making Laminated Bows For Leading Edge of Wings
  157. rules plywood....?
  158. 8-seater homebuilt hybrid design ?
  159. Fisher Koala 202 (UL) rebuild.
  160. Modern 2 seater???
  161. Do you know Eric Clutton's FRED?
  162. Wood supplier near St. Louis
  163. Flying Boat or Bust
  164. Volksplane VP-2 or Fisher Flying Products Dakota Hawk?
  165. Need Plans for Wood Wing Motor Glider
  166. Question on buying wood from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty....
  167. Best material for cam blocks?
  168. Poplar as a structural material
  169. Thinnest plywood available
  170. Awesome Tipsy Belfair and Chilton DW-1A construction thread !
  171. Connecting wood box spar
  172. Fisher FP 303 for first timer???
  173. Best way to make template...
  174. Questions on buying a router........
  175. are staples still used on plywood skin using T-88?
  176. Sitka Spruce supplier in Chicago.
  177. Mahogany vs birch plywood skin
  178. methods to batten plywood ribs....
  179. best cutting method for making wood ribs
  180. Looking for project suggestions- Easy build, low HP.
  181. Rib Templates
  182. Wing strut question ?
  183. HK-1 videos ( Ray Hopper chief designer )
  184. Is it possible to make fast 4 seater out of wood ?
  185. Helped needed on Fisher Avenger repair in Illinois
  186. Wood Building Reference Recommendations?
  187. question on varnishes....
  188. Do you stain your spruce?
  189. Fisher Avenger wing question
  190. Choosing quality wood
  191. what is the availability of aircraft quality Douglas Fir these days????
  192. what are sources for aircraft- grade spruce?
  193. Vp2 plans.
  194. Flitzer biplane building in Montreal
  195. New guy seeks advice
  196. Minimum plywood skin thickness
  197. need two seat high wing very very simple!!! helpme
  198. Hughes White Glue
  199. Bending Plywood for Leading Edge
  200. A homebuilt jet of wood ( for reporters ).
  201. Wood Preservative
  202. Bonding Metal to Wood
  203. Wing spar question on double eagle/minimax wing
  204. My website for my project.
  205. testing non standard glue
  206. I bought this project can someone who knows more about wood look at my pictures?
  207. Wood...how fast can a wooden plane go ?
  208. Making 6mm plywood
  209. dh mosquito fuel tank access
  210. Covering wood with no cracks or crevices
  211. European wood size names... CP 18...
  212. Starlet info
  213. Alternative method of mounting Hyperion Z5035?
  214. Asso X Jewel - Alessandro Franchi wooden aircraft
  215. KR2S but bigger.
  216. FP 303 Throttle Position Modification
  217. Spar grain orientation?
  218. Jurca MJ51 Sperocco performance figures
  219. Alternative covering method?
  220. grain angle on geodetic crossmembers
  221. Sources of Dimensional Aircraft Lumber and Sheet Goods
  222. Build a Falco F.8L or an Osprey GP-4?
  223. Installing Fuel Tanks in Wood Wings
  224. Can anyone tell me what this means?
  225. Varnish
  226. The cost of T-88
  227. Wood filler
  228. How much does wood glue weigh dry compared to wet?
  229. Survey - New designs from JDT Mini-Max
  230. What tool do I use, to cut holes on a wooden instrument panel?
  231. ANC-18 - Design of Wood Aircraft Structures
  232. Why not Alder wood?
  233. What's a fast accurate way to cut thin wood along the grain?
  234. druine or jodel
  235. Are there equally strong alternatives to scarfing?
  236. Piano hinges - how to attach to wood
  237. How do I gusset a 3D truss joint?
  238. Telling them I'm building a Dog House
  239. O-200 tandem low winger
  240. metric birch plywood source
  241. Do wood suppliers treat wood like it is fragile?
  242. Plywood
  243. Falconar F 11 E
  244. gussets and nails
  245. coot builders
  246. To sitka or not
  247. Green spruce
  248. 3/4"x3/4"x14' longeron
  249. Wooden Box spar sealing?
  250. How has wood construction improved since the first catalever wings?