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Thread: Pivoting wing tips?

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    Pivoting wing tips?

    Here's a question; why aren't these more commonly used? It seems like it would be easier to attach a tip on the end of a wing as opposed to cutting a section out of an existing wing? At the very least it doesn't seem like there's a very large disadvantage (except maybe control linking and structural strains at the rotational joints) to having the wingtips act as ailerons/elevators?

    As an example;

    Westland-Hill Pterodactyl Mk. IA

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    Re: Pivoting wing tips?

    Looks like big loads on the pivot points would add weight to the design

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    Re: Pivoting wing tips?

    History prooved it to be less apropriate than "ordinary" ailerons, no matter if we look from manufacturing or aerodinamic point of view.
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    Re: Pivoting wing tips?

    If you look at various wing warping systems - from the later Australian Skycraft Scout, Mark Markowski's Eagle and even hang gliders with billow shift, the tips pivot about a point just aft of the LE tube and the remainder of the wing adapts.

    I imagine the system in the picture - and that tested and abandon by the Hortens - uses a pivot point somewhat aft of the LE to provide aerodynamic balance.

    I do know overall wing warping is superior to ailerons but mechanically impractical in a rigid wing - this approximation may have had the problems of one without the benefit of the other.

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