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Thread: Kitfox (Raven) plans

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    Kitfox (Raven) plans

    Hey everyone i purchased a set of raven plans and am curious if anyone else who has purchased these find them difficult to read/understand? They seem very vague. I'm still trying to figure out which type of plans built ultralight I'd like to build between a sonerai 2, Hummel h5, and the raven. Thanks and I apologize for being all over the place just so many decisions. And looking at my options.

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    Re: Kitfox (Raven) plans

    If you have never read plans before they can be very overwhelming sometimes. The key is to read them......alot. and then some more until you start to understand them. If you can't figure out a certian portion of the plans then ask. Plans are sort of like a road map and you have to figure where you are and where you want to go. Also you should be getting some other books that will help you understand aircraft building and those will help you understand what the plans are asking you to do. The main staple of homebuilding books i like are listed below.

    Tony Bingelis from Aircraft Spruce

    Also while your ordering those make sure you get Aircraft Spruce and Specialties FREE Catalog. A resource beyond words.

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